How to Grow Your Spa Business in a Down Economy: 10 Simple & Effective Strategies


Even though it's all over the news, while more people are concerned about the economy and how it might affect their lives and businesses, your business can still GROW, even in a down economy!

In this article we will discuss 10 simple and actionable ways that you can do to help take any worries off your mind and re-focus on what you do best - taking care of your clients and growing your spa business!


1) Remember that worrying costs us precious time - time that we could be spending being more productive. Worry doesn't solve problems - thinking clearly about solving specific problems and taking action solves problems.

**When you find yourself worrying, remind yourself everything will be okay because YOU are AMAZING and can get through ANYTHING. 

2) Consider other, different ways to market and advertise yourself. Consider how your current clients could help you do that, too (think rewards or referral programs). Then, take action. IMPORTANT: spending hours thinking about ways to do things better but then failing to take action will not be helpful. We're really good at talking ourselves out of good ideas because we're hyper-critical of ourselves. So....

3) Brainstorm! Write a list of cheap-to-implement ideas out of your head (really, write them down!), no matter how crazy or wacky they sound. Looking for inspiration? Search on the Internet "cheap ways to market your business" without the quotes - you can put your own spin on any of the ideas you find, too!

4) You'll get excited about some of your ideas, and some you'll be like "Really?" But - sleep on it after you've finished (you can write additional ideas as they come to you, too).

5) Extend those ideas into 3 columns on your paper - Must Do, Might Do, and Won't Do. Don't throw any of your ideas away - because you never know if you don't try...

6) Look up your favorite Must Do items on the Internet to see if others have done them. You'll probably find they did - and you might find related or additional ideas to add to your idea. There's nothing wrong with refining ideas to make them better - this is all part of the creative process.

7) Now - after you've refined some of your ideas, put one of them into action - it doesn't matter which one, but choose one of the best ones. Just do it - on a small scale if you can but big enough that you can judge the results. Keep the costs under control so if it doesn't work out you won't have spent a bunch of money on it. Budget it out - say, $50 to start, or less if that's too high. If it works, great! Keep going and increase the budget!

8) If your first idea doesn't work at all, don't fret about it - maybe it just needs some additional tweaking or maybe just some more time to work. Move on to the next thing, same plan - small budget. Keep going until you find things that do work. You WILL hit the jackpot at some point! Plus, you can do more than one thing at a time, as long as it's not a similar thing. Don't confuse your audiences...

IMPORTANT: every new client you get from your new ideas is one more client than you had before.

9) Go back to your list from time to time, especially the Might Do's and Won't Do's - have you thought of ways to refine any of them to make them a Must Do?

10) Above all, keep taking the best care of yourself possible, and take the best care of your current clients that you can. Go over and above the call of duty with your services for everyone so they'll spread the word for you. Communicate with them during the service and ask how they're doing - you might just get the opportunity to upsell them a product or additional service. 


We sincerely hope this has been helpful to you and you're able to discover some really great ideas that will help you grow your spa and become even more successful, even in a less-than ideal economy.

Above all, remember that everyone is going through the same thing, including your competitors. Keep your head up, focus on what you're doing, perform over and above for your clients, and you'll have the best chances of success possible.

In our next blog articles we will continue to address how you can improve the state of your business even if the state of the economy isn't great. Please reach out to us if you ever have any questions! Email us at

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