5 Steps to Succeed in Upselling

Retail sales can be a hard pill to swallow for many estheticians. By nature, estheticians tend to be more passive and don’t like to be pushy. Some of the reasons that I hear for this are “I don’t like to push products. It makes me uncomfortable.” or “I am not a salesperson.”

If, instead, we were to focus on what upsells accomplish, it's a lot more of a win-win opportunity than people think:

1) Clients often don't have the products they need at home for a proper routine.
2) Having the right products means a better experience, resulting in a higher return rate.
3) Upselling regularly means 40% or more increased profit per service!

Here are 5 ways to upsell without being a pushy salesperson.

Don’t ask: “What products are you using at home?” (This should be asked in the consultation form.)

Do ask: “What are your skin concerns?

Asking the first question doesn’t serve your clients and doesn’t serve you. Your clients will argue why their products are ok and yours aren’t better. After reviewing your client’s consultation form, ask them to discuss their skin concerns and then direct them quickly to the right product choices you can offer them. For example, they may say, “Ingrown Hairs or Pigmentation.”

Your response would be, “I recommend the following…(Hive Daily, Hive Tonic, Or Body Wash Kit), because you mentioned that your skin concern was XYZ." This ties the thing you are offering directly back to a concern they have, without having to focus on what aren't using at home right now.

Remember, the focus is about their needs.

Treat each conversation as an opportunity to educate.

Don’t JUST recommend products. Instead, educate the client why they should use the product. If you don't know yourself, consult the manufacturer of each of your products and they will teach you everything you need to know! Here are some tactful ways that you can approach clients with new information:

- "You might already know this, but I was surprised to learn in school that, not only can you under-exfoliate, you can over-exfoliate as well! 2-3 times a week is best usually with a manual and chemical exfoliant for best results. This Silk Mulberry Glove and AHA/BHA Body Wash will do the trick for you."

- "I really care about making sure that you leave here with an amazing experience. When you get home, you HAVE to make sure that you... (INSERT EDUCATION). This is because (INSERT WHY).

Use your knowledge as the professional. Speak of ingredients, cause and effect, and what they will see by using your recommended product. 

Be a believer in what you are selling

Have you been to a service and been offered a product where it sounds like someone is reading the label? Most people tend to skip the offer in this type of situation. It's extremely hard to talk about something that you haven't taken the time to try yourself. There are thing that you learn about each product that are important to pass on to clients as well.

In order to be confident, make sure you've given a thorough test of the products that you are trying to sell. Read the details about the product on the product's web page so that you understand exactly what the manufacturer thinks is great before you start making assumptions. There are MANY times where a small direction makes all the difference in your outcome.

Offer only necessary products.

While there are some clients who come in with unlimited budgets, we all have been in positions where we felt like saying no to a kind person was difficult, but we also didn't really didn't want to buy a slew of products that were unplanned for.

By ensuring that start by focusing on products that will target pain points that the client mentioned in your intake, you will ensure that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase and are even more willing to take recommendations in the future.

Stay Clean and Stocked

People are visual creatures and if they aren’t attracted to your aesthetic then they are less likely to buy. If there is dust on the shelves, wax on the floor, or shelves that just seem super empty, clients naturally feel a little less happy about the place they visited. This will harm your chances of rebooking too!

It's important to take an extra hour or two a month to visit your room without clients and ensure that it's presentable for everyone coming in as best as you can. Start by imagining what it's like to park and take every step into your spa, studio, or chair. If that experience isn't something you enjoy, why would a client like it? Cheap plants or fresh flowers are an excellent way to make anything a bit more pleasant!

Stay Clean and Stocked

Because upselling the correct products is so important for clients and you, we thought it was important to take the time to review the best ways to be successful with it.

By asking correctly, educating, believing in what you sell, offering what's necessary, and keeping clean and stocked, you have a surefire recipe for being successful.

Remember, you will stumble and mess up or encounter unreasonable clients. Just keep at it and it will be a win-win for everyone involved!