7 Major Benefits of Attending Trade Shows For Estheticians

What is a trade show?

Have you ever attended a trade show? If you haven't, this is one thing that you must do at least one time, and as soon as possible! A trade show is a business social function where multiple businesses in the same general trade all get together at the same general location and rent tables (or booths) for the purpose of getting the word out about their products and services.

In this article, we will help you discover what trade shows are all about, what unique benefits they offer to you and your business, and how to best properly plan and prepare to attend one as a visitor!

How many booths are at trade shows?

Some shows host just a few, other shows host hundreds or even thousands of businesses. It all depends on how many businesses are involved in the trade and whether it's a local, regional, or national trade show. It also depends on the organizers and the location of the event as to how many booths can fit comfortably into the area.

What can I expect to see at a trade show?

The variety of businesses and displays can be astounding. Imagine a place where you could discover new things about how other people do business in your niche that you never heard of! Seriously, trade shows are amazing places to visit and spend time at. It's kind of like going to a toy store where you get to see all kinds of new toys that you never even knew about!

Not only are they fun to attend, but there are tons of other unique benefits to attending trade shows that you may not have ever considered. 

What else can be at trade shows?

Many times the booth purveyors will have demonstrations of their products and services, and sometimes they will even demonstrate with you! Some trade shows will invite big industry name guest speakers to deliver keynote speeches - those are scheduled ahead of time. Go to the trade show's website and see if they've displayed the times of those appearances. 

Besides keynotes, larger companies may also put on center-stage demonstrations and educational seminars while the show is going on. The topics are usually quite varied so be sure to  take some time to relax on a chair and attend at least one of these - you'll learn new things you didn't know about!

If a trade show is expected to be an all-day event, there will be food and drinks available typically for extra cost, or you can usually bring your own. Check with the event rules before bringing anything on your own, though. 

Benefits of attending trade shows:

1) You get to meet new people and make new friends - be sure to take the time to socialize :)

2) You can learn new skills from highly experienced people - be sure to attend some demonstrations!

3) You'll become aware of beneficial products you didn't know about. One example of that might be our retail products collection that you could sell to clients.

4) It'll get you out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons (which we all need sometimes)

5) You can make new contacts at booths (business owners/managers/etc) and potentially form important long-term business relationships

6) You'll be exposed to specials and giveaways only available at the trade show

7) Some companies may not require MOQs (minimum order quantities) at the show.

If you've never been to a trade show but are considering it, you'll want to plan well in advance. This is especially true if you're going to a show that's beyond driving distance.

How to plan on attending a trade show:

1) Plan in advance - put the date(s) on your calendar

2) Consider bringing a trusted companion that has an interest in the show's topics!

3) Determine travel dates and travel needs as appropriate for the location - plane, rental car, hotel, etc.

4) Purchase the required tickets, make required reservations, etc as soon as possible but definitely by 30 days prior if possible

5) Set up a packing list on your phone so you don't forget anything you need (Download a free packing checklist here).

 6) To get the full benefit of attending, arrive around opening time. Many booth giveaways will be gone quickly.

7) Dress to impress :)

8) Be open-minded about learning new things

9) Be willing to speak with booth owners about their products and services - ask questions!

10) It'll be a long day so take short breaks when you need them, and drink plenty of water.

11) Have fun!


We hope this has been a helpful guide to what trade shows are, what unique benefits they offer, and how to best plan on attending one.

Let us know if you have any questions at all by emailing us at support@honeycombwaxco.com!