Wild Honey Hard Wax is our European-style film hard wax. This wax was developed to allow for paper thin strips, less cracking when left too long, and to ensure even the tiniest of hairs are removed with the proper prep.

This wax is different from other polymer waxes on the market because it is a rosin-based wax with EVA infused to allow for the wax to bind optimally to the hairs and to itself, preventing broken strips and hairs.


One of the keys with any hard wax is that the same advice does not apply for all areas of the body. Different types of hair, different stages of hair growth, your wax working temperature, and your prep of the skin ALL affect how the wax works.

This guide is intended to be very high level and only addresses a few key items to ensure the best waxing experience. Please see the link to our blog below for a more in-depth look at waxing and some of the items that commonly cause wax not to work properly.