Honeycomb is the leading US manufacturer of soft wax tins and cartridges. Our formula was developed by our founder and lead esthetician, Diana. Soft wax is the glue of the waxing world and ours is designed to be the best professional soft wax at hair removal. The base of the wax is pine rosin, made of the sap of pine trees. We add just enough mineral oil to allow for the proper consistency and perfect pull every time.


Smooth Nectar Soft Wax Tins are filled with the exact formula that Smooth Nectar Soft Wax Cartrdiges are filled with. That being said, it's important to note that the personal applying the wax actually applies differently depending on which wax they are using. The tins are used with sticks, which means that the application is not as firm as someone using the cartridge, which is applied with the plastic roller contained in the cap.


~ Heating is key #1. Cans are best in a small warmer or double warmer, cartridges are best in a soft wax cartridge heater. If your warmer is smaller and holds 1lb, as well as has a gauge like one of our professional small or double wax warmers, you would likely want your temperature to be set at 35C.
~ If you are using a large warmer and have a temperature gauge, the temperature is probably closer to 50C (this means you emptied the can into another container, NOT that you are heating the can or cartridge in a large heater).
~ If you do not have a temperature gauge, follow the final tip here.
~ The best way to know that you have the right temperature for tins is that the wax does not easily drip off of a stick. You should be able to twirl your stick and have the wax stay as a ball on the end of your stick, but not so thick that it doesn't start to fall easily. For cartridges, this is about 30 minutes after turning the heater on.


~ Prep is Key #2 and the hardest to advise you on. The basics are understanding the amount of moisture and oil that you are working with on the area you are looking to wax. Smooth Nectar works best with a light amount of oil, HOWEVER, this is heavily dependent on skin type and body part.
~ Cleansing is the first step. BeeClean is our preferred with Smooth Nectar Hard Wax. Important: a common mistake is not removing the cleanser thoroughly enough. It will cause the wax to not work properly.
~ The next part of prep after cleansing depends on the skin and hair type. We've provided an example of how you might prep, but you will have to test this part in order to understand. Important: this step heavily affects the outcome of your waxing experience and can even be the direct cause of damage in the pulling step. If you are having trouble and have already checked the tips on heat, this is the area to concentrate on.
~ Legs typically require extra oil after cleansing. It is best to apply a few drops on a paper towel and wipe the hair the opposite direction of hair growth. There shouldn't be a thick layer of oil left, but too little will result in lifting of the skin.


TINS: ~ Application should be at a 45 degree angle with a stick with firm pressure, the same direction that the hair is growing.
CARTRIDGE: ~ It is important to start the cartridge on a non-woven or muslin strip. This will result in even application to the skin. Apply firmly and evenly to all surfaces that have been prepared.
Important: Application the same direction of hair growth is key to proper removal.


CAUTION: This step typically removes the first layer of skin with soft wax. This is normal, but improper technique can actually lift more layers than this. Please consult with a trained esthetician who is well-versed in soft wax or reach out to us should you have questions.
~ Smooth Nectar Soft Wax is ready for removal immediately. Use a non-woven or muslin strip and apply over the area covered in wax. Using your hand, rub firmly on the back of the strip and create some heat through your rubbing (just a second or two).
~ Hold loose skin taught, and pull the opposite direction of hair growth and pull parallel to your skin, not at an angle. Important: Remove the wax the opposite direction of hair growth is key to proper removal.


~ BeeClean Cleanser followed by BeeSmooth oil should remove any small pieces of wax left on the skin as long as you scrub with some pressure.