Meet The Owner

Diana has been an esthetician for many years and is a mom of four beautiful children. She is passionate about the beauty industry but more passionate about getting quality products for the right price. “I created HoneyComb Wax Co. after trying to find a reasonably priced wax warmer. I have had at least a half dozen cheap ones off Amazon and was tired of the headache that came with it.” Diana says. “ I really needed something that would last or at least one with a good warranty. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I created my own.” Not only did Diana create HoneyComb Wax Co. she is our top formulator and manufacturer. All our products are created in-house by her. 

About Our Wax

HoneyComb Wax is uniquely designed by our top formulator and undergoes rigorous quality control before ever leaving the warehouse. We believe that mother nature has given us everything we need to survive and that included what we use as professionals.  Our products contain no phthalates, sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes, artificial fragrance. There are no harsh plastics or chemicals in our products. EVER!

Our wax is a low temperature wax. It stays flexible well past the setting time. Our wax is uniquely different. It can be applied in many different ways and still get the hair every-time. We may not have a plethora of types of waxes to choose from, but that is because you don't need different kinds of wax to get the job done. With our Smooth Nectar and Royal Jelly waxes you will never need another kind of wax ever again. By combining the wax with our simple 2 step pre and post prep, you will have a smooth application every time, and you won't burn a hole in your pocket doing it. 

We offer many different sizes and packaging to fit your business needs. If there is anything you don't see on our site, please contact us at