Honeycomb is the leading US manufacturer of hard and soft wax. We are based in Arizona and all of our professional hard wax was developed by our founder and head esthetician, Diana. They have been tested by estheticians around all of the US and many in Canada to be effective at hair removal, be made with quality ingredients, and to ensure the best experience for you and your clients when used properly.


Smooth Nectar Hard Wax is Honeycomb's natural hard wax. It is made with only 4 ingredients and is extremely effective at hair removal. While a lot of the waxing process is typical, there are a few key things that help ensure Smooth Nectar works the best that it can for hair removal and that allow it to be extremely effective.

Because it is made with as few ingredients as possible, it is lower temperature than other waxes and provides an even more gentle experience than most hard waxes.

Wild Honey Hard Wax is our European-style film hard wax. This wax was developed to allow for paper thin strips, less cracking when left too long, and to ensure even the tiniest of hairs are removed with the proper prep.

This wax is different from other polymer waxes on the market because it is a rosin-based wax with EVA infused to allow for the wax to bind optimally to the hairs and to itself, preventing broken strips and hairs.