Team work makes the DREAM work - HoneyComb Wax

Team work makes the DREAM work - HoneyComb Wax

Posted by Sheenakaye Diaz on Sep 17th 2023

Honeycomb Wax Co. started as a family owned business. As we have continued to grow, our family has too. What started off as a dream for our owner, founder, and creator of our products, Diana, has over time showcased itself as a possible reality.

We have the pleasure of interacting with you all frequently, and we also get to know you all with every call, email, and text! We thought it was really important that we take this second to formally introduce ourselves!

Meet our Honeycomb Wax Co. team! :)

Meet our team :)


Diana - CEO/Founder - Cottonwood, AZ: This is Diana's dream. The idea of HoneyComb became real 7 years ago and 5 years ago, she put these hopes and dreams into the business. She'd struggled with finding a quality warmer and knew she could provide one to people that they could really appreciate and enjoy. Over time, she became interested in the idea of formulating our wax. She created our OG Natural Hard wax and continued to work through her formulas as time progressed. Her favorite product is the Milk & Honey lotion, this is because it is a lotion that does not have a greasy film, it contains a bit of salicylic so it has an exfoliating effect and it feels light on the skin. Her favorite part about HoneyComb? FAMILY.

Rand - CTO - Cottonwood, AZ: Rand joined the journey that is HoneyComb 2 years and 6 months ago. Over time, he'd watched our product line grow and our Professional Hard Wax (Wild Honey) has become his favorite product because he thinks its revolutionary and premium quality. He loves that it was formulated in-house and that we manufacture ourselves because it allows us to provide this product to our customers at an amazing price. Rand's favorite thing about working with HoneyComb is the environment and the fact that the people here genuinely care about each other.

Ben G - CFO/Co-Founder - Cottonwood, AZ: Ben became an active part of HoneyComb 3 years ago but has been involved since it began. His favorite product, though not yet available but in the works is our 'NEW SOFT WAX' (stay tuned!). He loves this product because it was developed across multiple Estheticians, it's a product we created based off customer feedback, and he believes it can Rock the waxing world. His favorite part about HoneyComb as a company is being able to see the lives we touch, be it vendors, employees, schools, and especially our customers.


Carol - Accounting - South Dakota: After approximately 2 years of being with us, Carol's favorite product is our Professional Hard wax (Wild Honey) because it is a wax that she does not get an allergic reaction from. Carol says that it goes on easy and does not mess with her skin, so it looks, feels, and is applied so smoothly! Her favorite part about working at HoneyComb is our team. She says everyone is down to Earth, relatable, and just all around real humans that she adores!

Jenerose - Customer Service - Philippines: Jenerose started with HoneyComb back in July of this year. She really enjoys our Professional Hard Wax (Wild Honey) because of the feedback it gets and how much people seem to really enjoy the product! One of Jen's favorite things about being a part of our team is the support she's gotten and the ability to garner knowledge and ask questions without judgement.

Via - Customer Service - Philippines: Via started with HoneyComb back in July of this year as well. She's become a huge fan of our Professional Hard Wax (Wild Honey) because of how it smells and how pretty it is. She's also grown very fond of our warmers because of their ability to prevent overheating, while also being able to heat wax quickly! Via says that the quick training, support, and kindness that management offers to her is her favorite thing about being a part of HoneyComb's journey!

Mae - Customer Service - Philippines: Mae has been with us for 4 months and in this time, has grown to absolutely LOVE our Professional Hard Wax (Wild Honey) becaue of its conistency, color, smell, and how well it works on a Brazilian! Her favorite thing about being a part of our team is the environment, support, and knowledge she's garnered since being here. She's worked several remote jobs and says this is the first time she feels no judgement and feels like she is always being included!

Sheena - Director of Customer Service - Miami,FL: Sheena joined our team approximately 2 years ago. Over time, her favorite product became our Royal Jelly Body Balm because of it's ability to moisturize and keep her skin feeling refreshed for hours throughout the day. Sheena's favorite thing about being a part of our team is the unconditional support, love, care, and willingness to share that our owners have offered her. Sheena's been in the industry for some time and feels like the environment, goals of the company, and empowerment that HoneyComb seeks to offer others aligns with all of the things she also wants to achieve.


Angela - Warehouse - Cottonwood, AZ - Angela joined HoneyComb 1 year and 3 months ago and has been a great addition to our team! Her favorite product has become the Olive You lotion because of how good it feels and how hydrating it is! Her favorite thing about being a part of our team is working alongside a team that geniunely cares about each other. She loves partaking in a tight knit, solid team.

Joel - Warehouse - Cottonwood, AZ: Joel has been with us for 3 months now. In this time, he has grown fond of our Hive Daily ingrown hair serum. He says that this product has helped him a lot with his own ingrowns and he's seen improvements in his skin since using it. Joel appreciates being a part of HoneyComb because his wife is also an Esthetician and he enjoys being able to see behind the scenes of the products she uses. He also says the environment has been amazing!


Ben - Warehouse - Cottonwood, AZ: Ben has been with HoneyComb for about a year and a half. His favorite product has become Bee Smooth because of its ability to help with the job he does here. He says that Bee Smooth has been the only thing that has helped remove wax off his skin when he pours our wax into their molds.


Maddie - VP of The Hive - Bakersfield, CA: Maddie initially joined us as a loyal customer a year and a half ago. Her favorite products became our Natural Hard Wax (Smooth Nectar) and our Professional Hard Wax (Wild Honey) because after trying so many waxes, she'd found that these gave her the best results for hair removal and were the most gentle on her clients skin. A personal favorite is also the Olive You lotion because she feels as though the hydration and smell are intoxicating. She shared that her Husband and her put some on and fall asleep together to the smell. Her favorite part about working with HoneyComb is the relationship she has with Diana, our founder, Diana's family that produces the product and the labor of love that she finds this business to be.

Javornie - Content Creator - Miami, FL: Javornie has been a part of the HoneyComb team for about a year now. His favorite product has become Royal Jelly. He has a skin condition that leaves his skin dry and flaky, and this condition affects him daily. Javornie feels that this is the only product he's ever been able to use that moisturizes his skin and keeps him feeling refreshed and smooth. His favorite part about having joined HoneyComb is how fun, cool, caring and genuine he believes leadership and the owners to be.


The business itself is growing, but we cannot do what we do without all of the people involved, you included! We are so grateful to have the opportunity to explore the waxing world and all of the intricacies that come along with it, together! We are so excited to share our business with you and to continue to grow as a team alongside the amazing customers we have had over time. The unconditional support we've received has been overwhelming and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for us all.✨

Written by: Sheenakaye Diaz

Sheenakaye is our Director of Customer Acquisitions. She started her journey with HoneyComb Wax Co. in December of 2021 and has since been to several trade shows to represent.