Dealing With Difficult Clients

Dealing With Difficult Clients

Posted by Diana K. on Oct 15th 2021

When you started your own business, you didn’t think that you would have to deal with the “Karen’s” of the world. But the sad truth is that you can’t have a successful business without having a few interactions with irrational people or dramatic clientele. How you handle these situations and people will shape how the public sees you and how you feel about yourself at the end of the day. Let me help give you some tools and strategies to deal with Karren like a boss!!!

What situations can cause you headache and sleepless nights?

Allergic reactions, Histamine reactions, Clients who don’t respect your time, Clients who don’t respect your profession, Political views

Hopefully it's not common for you to have clients that try your patience, but it can happen. It can be hard to know what the best approach is to deal with these situations. You want to be able to stand your ground, while being professional. Let us help you handle these situations.

It is important to know when the line has been crossed from having a good time with your client too feeling offended or uncomfortable. It can happen in a blink of an eye; you need to be able to know this change before responding emotionally. Let’s discuss the situations listed above and how to be proactive in handling them.

Allergic reactions

Apologize immediately and with intent. It isn’t exactly your fault; clients want to know they are heard and that you take ownership of the service. Stop the service immediately, recommend they see a healthcare provider. Give them a list of products you used and help them pinpoint which ingredient they are sensitive too. For the extremely angry client, offer a refund or discount on a future purchase.

Histamine reactions

You should set a precedent that Histamine reactions are extremely common. If you don’t give clients, the proper home care regimen to treat the reaction you will always be playing damage control. Create a protocol that educates your clients and sets expectations at the start. If everything was followed correctly, then a suggestion to seeing a healthcare provider to determine if it is an allergic reaction instead of histamine will be needed.

Clients who don’t respect your time

If a client is always late, canceling, and no show on an appointment you must speak to them firmly. Let them know that this is your business and there are policies in place.

“I understand that things happen but here is my policy, and I would appreciate it if you would follow the rules. When you don’t it affects all my clients for that day.”

It is also ok to ask them if they don’t respect your time, they need to find someone else. Stand your ground but be calm and professional. You need to Set clear expectations at time of booking. Have them sign an agreement with your policy so they can’t say they didn’t know.

Clients who don’t respect your profession.

There may be a time someone says. “I can’t believe you look at vaginas all day.” or “Must be nice to have a hobby like this.” The first comment is usually best to ignore it and laugh it off, but if the same client keeps making rude comments about your profession try to make a joke about how they are wrong. Brush it off.

Political views

This is a big conversation topic. You don’t want to get into a heated debate or lose clients because you don’t agree. One statement will stop it in the tracks:

“I don’t discuss these things with my clients. Your views are your own and my views are mine. Neither is right or wrong, but I like you too much to have that type of conversation.”

 When conversations don’t go your way follow these steps to keep it as professional as possible:

Be quiet and don't react. Clients are people and every person has a right to opinion. It is your job to service the client and meet their needs. Personal associations with clients do not build a sound business. It builds scathing relationships.

Remember it is ok to be upset. Just take a minute before responding. Always speak in a professional manor. This is your business! Keeping a focused distance will allow you a better state of mind.

Actively listen to what your client is saying and allow them the time to share their frustrations. Do not give advice; unless you are a qualified professional in this field keep away from giving advice on life. You can be a good attentive and courtesy; without giving solutions or advice. Most people just want to be heard. Let them talk, repeat a statement but stay away from advising or giving resolutions.

Sometimes clients just need to be heard. Listening without being defensive can be the only thing needed to resolve the issue. Remember you are a professional. This is your business and your response matters, but don’t be afraid to stand your ground.


Diana is the CEO and Founder of Honeycomb Wax Company. She formulated our depilatory wax and skin care line.