Empower Your Beauty Business: A Guide for the Modern Woman

Empower Your Beauty Business: A Guide for the Modern Woman

Posted by Sheenakaye Diaz on Aug 24th 2023

Ladies, in the glamorous world of beauty and waxing, we all dream of shimmering success. But let's face it, the journey can sometimes feel like walking in stilettos on a cobblestone street. So, how do we strut confidently towards our goals?

Let's dive into three beauty secrets that aren't about skincare or makeup, but about growing your beauty business with grace and style:

1. Morning Ritual:Setting the stage for Success

  • Mirror Talk: Before you dive into the day, take a moment in front of your mirror. Reflect on your strengths, embrace your imperfections, and set your intentions. When you radiate confidence and authenticity, your team and clients will feel it too.
  • Client Love: Remember, every client is like a friend visiting your beauty sanctuary. Prioritize their needs, listen to their stories, and make them feel cherished. Happy clients are your best brand ambassadors.
  • Reach Out & Sparkle:Every morning, sprinkle a little magic by connecting with potential clients or sending a warm thank you to your regulars. You can do this on a budget by opening up your social, opening up your client book, and working through the last month of client appointments to say hi and thank you. Building these relationships is like adding layers to your mascara – it only makes things better!

2. Digital Glamour

  • Stay Connected: Just as you wouldn't forget to touch up your lipstick, don't forget to engage with your clients online. Send out emails and stay connected with your customers through Social media! Regular updates and interactions keep your brand fresh in their minds.

  • Local Spotlight & Starry Reviews: Platforms like Yelp and Google Ads are your digital billboards. Shine bright in your local community and let those glowing reviews do the talking. After all, who can resist checking out a place that everyone's raving about? We’ve also included a step by step on how you can achieve these things!
  1. Setting Up Your Yelp Business Account:

  • Visit: Head over to Yelp for Business.
  • Search: Type in your business name. If it's already there, great! If not, no worries, just click "Add".
  • Details: Add your address, phone number, and what you're all about.
  • Check Your Email: Yelp will send a confirmation email. Just click the link inside.
  • Make It Pretty: Add some photos, your opening hours, and anything else you think is important.

2. Getting Started with Google Ads:

  • Visit: Head over to Google Ads.
  • Sign In or Create: If you're new, just click “Get Started”.
  • Goal Time: Decide what you want - more sales, visits, or leads?
  • Type of Ad: You can choose options like "Search" (for when someone types something on Google) or "Display" (for ads that appear on websites).
  • Who Sees Your Ad: Under "Locations", pick where you want your ad to show. Then, for “Audience”, you can get specific.
  • For Us, By Us: Click “Demographics”. Choose the ages and gender of your audience.
  • Budgeting: Decide how much you want to spend daily or over the ad’s lifetime.
  • Your Message: Write something catchy for your ad! Think about what speaks to you and your friends.

Done: Once you're happy, submit! Google will check it and, once okayed, your ad is live! Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your presence known!

  • Your Vibe: Make sure your ad feels like you. Think about what you and your friends like to see online. Authenticity is what attracts your audience.
  • Stay Tuned: Keep an eye on how your ad does. If something’s not working, don’t be shy to change it up! You will know it is successful when you are noticing people are coming to you because they've acknowledged the ad you posted online.

3. Smart earnings:Beauty and Brains

  • Beauty Budget: Regularly take a peek into your beauty bag (aka your wax, your sticks, etc). Are there products or services that are draining your resources? If there are, make sure to jot down and keep into consideration how much wax you’re using in a month, if you are not already purchasing wholesale, you might want to look into that to reduce your costs! Maybe it's time for a switch, but always ensure you're not compromising on quality.


  • Quality Over Everything: Whether it's the wax you use or the ambiance you create, never cut corners. Your clients trust you for the premium experience, and that's what keeps them coming back.

Just as the perfect lipstick can elevate your look, focusing on your morning rituals, online presence, and smart financial choices can elevate your business. So, gorgeous, with passion and perseverance, let's conquer the beauty world together! ?✨

Written by: Sheenakaye Diaz

Sheenakaye is our Director of Customer Acquisitions. She started her journey with HoneyComb Wax Co. in December of 2021 and has since been to several trade shows to represent.