Manzilian Wax: A Step by Step Guide on Performing the Best Manzilian Waxing Service

Manzilian Wax: A Step by Step Guide on Performing the Best Manzilian Waxing Service

Posted by Diana K. on Jun 1st 2022


As you probably know, many women are huge fans of getting Brazilian waxes from their favorite estheticians. There are many advantages of getting a Brazilian wax including feeling cleaner. Over the last decade, men have also been increasingly engaging in the routine grooming, including going to a professional for a Manzilian wax. This practice is also known as the male version of a bikini wax or Brazilian wax.

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What is a Manzilian Wax?

In the same way that women are more likely to pay attention to and take care of their hair growth in general, males have been doing the same, including engaging in the practice of manscaping. As a matter of fact, and according to Healthline, over 50% of men surveyed have regularly been trimming their pubic hair. For more proof, if you’re on any social media platforms, you’ve seen how the do-it-yourself electric and battery-operated man trimmers have become more popular over the last few years. This is all due to the current trend of men wanting more of the ‘hairless’ look and feel.

The Manzilian wax, also known as a male Brazilian wax or a male version of a bikini wax, has grown increasingly popular as the practice of males engaging in regular “down-there” grooming regimens has become an increasingly accepted component of male social norms.

As a result of the fact that many men routinely visit barbershops so they can get a hot towel shave and are aware of the advantages of facials, brow grooming, and waxing of the male chest or back, it’s only natural that Manzilians and other routines involving the waxing of the pubic region would be a natural progression.

In this article, we will cover all there is to know about male Brazilian waxes, including everything there is to know about what goes into a male Brazilian wax and what a Manzilian wax is. In addition to this, we will openly debunk some of the taboos that surround it, talk about the immense importance of client education, and go through the entire process including the optimal pre- and post-wax care regimen.

Male Brazilian Wax: What Does a Down There Men's Hair Removal Consist Of?

The question is, what exactly is a Manzilian wax? A Manzilian, more affectionately known in some circles as a Boyzilian wax or Guyzilian wax, consists of a complete and total hair removal surrounding the upper thighs, pubic mound, and genitalia, as well as the perianal area, which is the area surrounding the anus. This procedure is quite similar to the classic Brazilian wax performed on women.

There is waxing around the bikini line with women, but for males, a male bikini wax can be referred to as a short wax if you're attempting to cater to a more sensitive audience. Women wax around the bikini line, but men get a male bikini wax. When performing a Brazilian wax on a man, it is common practice to leave some hair on the pubic mound or a male landing strip once the procedure is complete.

Is it Weird for a Guy to Get a Men's Brazilian Wax?

All types of men have male Brazilian waxing done. It is not unheard of for guys to get groomed below the belt, and the practice has been gaining popularity – see this article by the Wall Street Journal. However, some female waxers may find it awkward to do male Brazilian waxing, partially because it might be awkward or endanger them, and probably mostly because it's just not something most females are used to doing. But like male OBGYNs delivering babies and performing other needed female medical services, people of the other gender can get used to performing the Manzilian, if not end up downright enjoying seeing their work of art unfold before their eyes!

If you as an esthetician believe that a Manzilian will result in a potentially dangerous or extremely embarrassing circumstance or are just uncomfortable with it and can't quite accept doing it, it's probably better that you not provide the service. People who are providing it should be completely comfortable with it. If you're not, your nervousness could be read by your client as a slight against them. Additionally, you should be prepared for any unexpected but possible consequences of waxing the male “down-there” (more later).

If you’re a female or a male interested in providing the service, or a male interested in receiving the service, the following is some information that will be helpful for you to have.

We would like to point out and address the elephant in the room here - it is entirely possible for males to get an erection when getting a Manzilian wax, even if pulling out hair while waxing the testicles might be the exact opposite of an aphrodisiac to most men.

Some guys have erections when they are anxious, while others get them for no apparent reason at all. This is because the male penis really does have a mind of its own, and the erection can usually be completely beyond the conscious control of the man.

If they get the impression that a male customer is making them uncomfortable, however, waxers have a responsibility to exercise their best judgment. Gentlemen, try to maintain your composure and act normally as best you can. Professionally speaking, you may feel embarrassed or badly that this has happened.

If a client has an erection while under your care and expresses embarrassment or remorse, reassure them in the same manner that you would a lady who passes gas. You have the option of leaving the room if it becomes a problem until they can bring it under control. However, to help with this issue and if you can make pre-care recommendations, tell them if they’re concerned about the possibility that they can ‘take care of themselves" while showering or with some other means before coming in for their service.

What are the Advantages of Men Getting a Brazilian-Style Wax?

Manzilian Wax Needed. This man is shaving his pubic area with an electric razor. Manzilians are better for the skin.

Getting a professional Manzilian waxing has become popular among men for the same reason that it's prevalent among women: they'd prefer to have an expert perform the procedure rather than do it themselves. First, many men may not even know how to remove the hair from that area or maybe afraid they could cut the skin on their groin area (or worse!).

There are many ways for a man to remove his pubic hair: scissors and then manual shaving, electric razor, and hair removal creams such as Nair. However, when it comes to the super-sensitive testicle sac and perianal areas, men may rightfully shy away from DIY hair removal treatments.

A professionally done male Brazilian may leave them feeling cleaner, more refreshed, and of course, more desirable to their spouse in terms of how it appears and how it feels to them.

Because men's pubic area hair can be coarse and thick, this area is more likely to develop ingrown hairs after shaving. Ingrown hairs in this area can be extremely painful and cause infection and bleeding, and it could be days or even weeks before the skin fully recovers.

Therefore, waxing is a far more effective means of removing unwanted hair without the painful consequences of shaving. Because of these factors, a spa or salon that adds a Manzilian waxing service and a male bikini wax to its list of available services has the potential to experience significant financial gain and satisfaction.

You may also include a Manzilian waxing as part of your men's full body waxing services, in addition to providing several different male bikini wax alternatives.

What You Should Know About Waxing Men Versus Women

The distinctions between intimate female waxing and male waxing can sometimes come down to the person, in addition to gender taboos and the anatomical differences between the sexes' genital configurations.

You should also know how to differentiate between an excellent client and a client that you may not wish to return to your spa. It isn’t always possible to predict if a client will become a regular, whether they will leave a tip, purchase a product, or recommend your business to their friends. Here's some ideas that will give you some ideas on how to deal with difficult clients.

Male Brazilians Work Consists Primarily of Problem Solving

Our most helpful piece of guidance for you is to provide your male clients with the same high-quality care, educational opportunities, and product suggestions that you provide to your female clients. If you and your client are both pleased with your service and how it went, then you will be happy to have him come back, and he will be happy to come back, and he may refer you to friends (if that subject comes up!).

In the same way that intimate waxing can vary from client to client, some men's sensitive areas might have a significant amount of extra skin, become wrinkled, be dry, or have some other unusual traits or markings. No matter who you are waxing, the key is to remember that your work primarily consists of problem-solving.

Every individual has a unique capacity to withstand pain, in addition to having very distinct personalities, hair, and complexion. No matter what gender the client considers themselves to be, it’ll be most beneficial for you to approach each client individually while considering these criteria and working to determine and help with their personalized waxing and skin needs and concerns.

Client Manzilian Wax Preparation Requirements

When a client books an appointment for a male Brazilian, it's essential to provide them with all of the information they require before their arrival for their service. This includes everything from pre-wax care and what to expect to their aftercare, so they can make appropriate preparations in advance. You also want to provide them with the best tableside manners possible.

The following is a list of frequently asked questions that you could give to a person before doing a Brazilian wax on them, along with the suggestions we made above about their own personal preparation as might be needed.

Client Preparation FAQ:

How Long Does It Take for Hair to Grow Back After a Manzilian Wax?

Although the rate of hair development varies from person to person, a Manzilian may stay perfectly smooth for up to two weeks before the appearance of any stubble. In most cases, you should wait between four and six weeks before getting another waxing. This will give time for the hair to grow back enough for the wax to be effective.

What Is the Minimum Length of Hair Required for a Manzilian Wax?

To achieve the best possible results, the length of the hair to be removed should be at least one-quarter of an inch. This is because the wax needs something to grab onto, and if the hair is shorter than that, the wax won’t work correctly - this means the wax would break the hair off instead of removing it from the follicle as it should.

Does Getting a Brazilian Wax Hurt When You're a Guy (IE: Waxing Pain or Ingrown Hairs)?

If you have a low tolerance for pain, male waxing may be more painful for you than most men. The first time may be more unpleasant than subsequent times because you aren’t sure what to expect. But, if you plan regular appointments and refrain from shaving, it will become less painful after the first time.

With Waxing Ingrown Hairs are Very Rare Image

Drinking coffee and alcohol should be avoided before your appointment, and you should consider taking an anti-inflammatory medication (such as Ibuprofen) one hour before you are scheduled to attend. It's never going to be as horrible as you imagine it will be in your head – it’s important to remember the person doing the Manzilian for you is a trained professional and has done it many times in the past. If you have any questions about the hair removal process, you should not be afraid to ask and get the answers for yourself ahead of time.

If you're worried about ingrown hairs with your Manzilian, you're not alone. Ingrowns can be very painful and can last for days. But the good news is with waxing, ingrown hairs are very rare. Your waxing professional esthetician will take the best care possible of your sensitive areas. You can be assured that they will do everything possible to prevent that problem from occurring by using specially-made products just for ingrown hair prevention.

What Manners Should Be Followed When Receiving a Manzilian?

The first step is to strip down your underwear to prevent wax from going on your clothes and allow the esthetician to get full access to the work area. You may carry on a conversation with the professional the same way you would with your physician. Be careful of your personal space and keep "stuff" close to your body at all times. Relax and allow your pro to move about you while they work.

What Other Etiquette Rules Should I Follow?

If you plan on playing a sport with your buddies or lifting weights at the gym, please do so a few hours before your appointment and be sure you’ve taken a good shower ahead of time. If you’re concerned about arousal during your service, the shower is a great time to take care of that as well.

Additionally, you should refrain from consuming alcohol in any form prior to your scheduled visit. It may seem like a good idea to help limit pain, but your experience could really be more unpleasant because alcohol constricts the pores from which your hair follicles are being plucked, potentially causing more pain and making hair removal more difficult.

Overall, the protocol for a Brazilian wax for a man or a woman is pretty much the same. The same guidelines must be followed.

Helping Your Client Get the Best Waxing Service Possible (For the Esthetician)

To begin with, you should give your client a towel to help maintain their modesty while also keeping areas of their body out of the way so their skin remains tight. Before beginning the waxing process, the region will be scrubbed clean, and a pre-wax cleanser will be used to prepare it.

You want the best quality pre-wax cleanser for your Manzilian services, but where can you find it? You might want to give Honeycomb Wax Co's BeeClean Pre and Post Wax Cleanser, which is an all-natural formula specifically made for pre and post waxing services.

To provide you with full access to all needed locations, the client will be required to move into several different positions. After the hair is removed, the client will need aftercare treatments such as post-wax oil to remove any wax residue or lotions to speed up the client’s skin recuperation time.

It’s advantageous for the client to consider using any at-home care you provide, such as a Ingrown Hair Serum. After waxing, these things also hasten the healing process and help minimize ingrown hairs and irritation. It’s important to remind the client that taking care of this region and following the protocol to preserve the skin and hair follicles in the best possible condition is in their best interest.

How Long Does It Take to Service a Manzilian Wax Properly?

The thickness of the client’s hair, its density, and the space that it covers all determine how long the service will last. The entire process of a Brazilian wax for men might take anywhere from forty minutes to one hour to finish.

What Information is Necessary for the Client to Have Before Performing the Manzilian Service?

Ask the client to please arrive having just bathed or showered, without any lotions or oils on their skin, and dressed in clothing that’s cotton-based and has a loose fit. They should exfoliate the region the day before (you can recommend or sell them a product to do that), and you should make sure that the hair is at least as long as a grain of rice before expecting to come for their service. Explain they don't need to be concerned with trimming anything down.

What To Do if the Client Becomes Aroused While Undergoing Treatment

Remind the client that there’s no need to be ashamed about it because it is a common occurrence. In certain cases, it may assist by making the skin taut for a more successful waxing session. Remind the client to breathe, do their best to relax, and refrain from tightening their body in order to make the hair easier to remove.

It’s extremely important that the client remains professional during the service no matter what, and if a technician feels uncomfortable due to any of the actions or words by the client, the esthetician has complete authority to immediately terminate the service. Conditions for this unfortunate event could occur if the waxer discovers the client is misinterpreting the service as a sexual encounter or is not following the requirements that have been set out by the service provider.

How to Perform a Brazilian Wax on a Male

Ready for my Manzilian Now Image

We will discuss the most effective method for performing a Manzilian wax in a pleasant and timely manner. Here are the steps to do just that:

Preparing for the Manzilian Wax:

To begin, if the groin region of your client and their hair are particularly dry, apply a wax-care oil that's suited to the client's skin type to soften the hair in order to prevent breakage and to restore the skin back to its normal position.

After that, you should wash, disinfect, and moisturize the skin. Any pre- or post-wax care product from the Honeycomb Wax Company will help ease your client's pain and give them the smoothest, most comfortable experience possible.

Which wax is the most effective for their service?

When providing Manzilian waxing services, you should only use wax of the finest professional quality.

Honeycomb Wax Company’s Smooth Nectar Hard Wax is widely regarded as among the most effective waxes for male's Brazilian waxing services. It is quite soft, yet it is an ideal wax for guys since it is powerful enough for any hair type (especially for the more coarse or thicker hair types) while being accurate enough to reach the fine hairs developing in the most sensitive regions. This makes it an excellent wax for both men and women.

How to Get a Man in the Right Position for this Type of Waxing

The client must actively participate in the Manzilian waxing process for their parts to remain in control and taut throughout the visit. It is up to you to maintain an open line of communication with your client regarding what you need them to do during the service. This will provide you with the best possible access to the places where you need to be concentrating your efforts.

Before the start of the service, it’s a great idea to explain the complete procedure, including the different positions you need him to migrate to during certain times of the service. Your clients will be more likely to perform if they walk into the waxing service knowing what positions they need to get into and how you will flow with the service from beginning to end:

  1. They’ll have a 'smoother' experience with you and your spa,
  2. They’ll be far more cooperative and provide you with the greatest possible access to the region that must be exposed in the shortest period of time possible – this will greatly enhance the working relationship while decreasing the time needed for the service.

These aspects will contribute to the satisfaction that they derive from the service, while also assisting you in transitioning smoothly to the next client that might be waiting for you.

The question now is, what is the most effective strategy for a Manzilian?

Positioning For The Best Client Experience

Although there are multiple ways to work the experience (just like mowing a lawn), we’ve found that it’s ideal for working from the rear to the front while doing a Manzilian wax, and from the inside outward when doing so.

It is recommended that you ask the client to lay on their right or left side with their head at the top of the waxing table facing away from you. This allows you to have complete access to their perianal region. If you are right-handed, you should wax them on their left side, and if you are left-handed, you should wax them on their right side.

Request that the client bring their outside leg in toward their tummy. To have unrestricted access, you should instruct them to hold the outer buttock up and open while keeping their testicles firm with their bottom hand. This is one of the most comfortable positions for the customer, and it is also one of the positions that puts you in the best position to provide service.

You might alternatively have the client lie down in the butterfly position, which involves bringing the bottoms of their feet together. This provides entire access. In the necessary event, ask them to extend their feet even more apart.

How to Wax the Testicular Sac Without Causing Tons of Pain

Certain people whose scrotums have incredibly thin skin that may be stretched taut without causing any damage. It is important to remember to apply the least amount of pressure possible to the testicles and whatever you do, be careful not to slip into that area. Request the client to wrap the towel over their shaft. When applying and removing wax, you will have the most control if you stretch the skin and then apply the wax in long, narrow strips.

Putting Wax on the Shaft

Hair also grows near the bottom of the shaft and upwards for some length. This is where the hair would border the testicle area. The direction in which hair grows can take on a variety of configurations; simply take your time, instruct the client to cover as much of their body as possible with the towel, and ask them to remain motionless as best as possible.

Performing a Waxing on the Pubic Mound

To gain complete access to the pubic mound and the area above it, the patient must be instructed to hold their penis in a downward position, or you may put a damp towel on the flaccid penis to give some weight that can hold it in that position.

Manzilian Post-Wax Care

Remind your client that they should not shave in the time between waxing appointments if they want to continue to see a reduction in the amount of hair that grows back. Explain to them that waxing might raise their risk of developing ingrown hairs after it has been done.

When it comes to post-wax care regularly, be sure to educate them not only on the procedure of waxing itself but also on the products that should be used. Use any of Honeycomb Wax Company’s post-wax care products after getting a male Brazilian wax for the finest possible aftercare. Our Hive Daily Ingrown Hair Serum and Hive Tonic Spot Treatment products are strongly recommended for individuals whose skin is especially prone to breakouts or ingrown hairs.

It is also essential to discuss the benefits of exfoliation once the waxing process has been completed. You probably previously mentioned to them that they should have exfoliated approximately a day before waxing, but exfoliating after waxing is just as necessary, if not more vital. This is because waxing removes dead skin cells, which can be removed by exfoliation.


The Manzilian wax is becoming increasingly popular among males as a preventative measure against razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hairs, as well as the danger of cuts that can occur while using a razor. They may be at a greater risk for the emergence of these irritants if they do not adhere to a consistent exfoliation routine, beginning two to three days after they have waxed.

The professional must be knowledgeable and comfortable performing this type of waxing service, and must communicate all aspects of the Manzilian to the client so he can be knowledgeable and prepared. This way both you and your client will be completely comfortable with your service and it will be a positive experience for both of you.


Diana is the CEO and Founder of Honeycomb Wax Company. She formulated our depilatory wax and skin care line.