Tips For Tearing And Cracking

Tips For Tearing And Cracking

Posted by Diana K. on Apr 9th 2021

Are you struggling to get the perfect wax? Does your wax keep tearing and cracking? Here are some tips to make you the BEST waxer in your area.

Your first thought might be that the wax you're using is bad. Maybe you are a newbie and trying to perfect your technique, your timing isn't just right, or the consistency is off. This might be the case as all wax isn't created equal, but before you toss your wax, read on and troubleshoot first.


The basics are pretty simple: your wax is heated until it becomes honey/buttery consistency. You allow it to cool until it droops from your spatula, and then you apply. If the wax is too runny, it is too hot, and if it is too thick, it is too cold. If your wax is too hot, your wax might break. This rule is especially true for polymer waxes. Make sure you don't overheat or underheat your wax. HoneyComb Smooth Nectar Hard Wax is perfect for beginners because the consistency can be manipulated differently.


How you apply your wax is extremely important. Probably more important than melting and heating your wax. If your strips aren't consistently smooth and you don't have the right edges, your wax will crack. It doesn't matter what brand you use or how well you perfected the consistency. When applying the wax, you need to make sure you apply it with consistent pressure and in the direction of hair growth. The longer your strips, the more likely they will break or tear apart. Until you perfect basic strips, stick to a 5-6inch length and a 2-3 inch width.


Setting time can play into whether or not your wax cracks. If you leave a strip on too long, it may crack due to dryness. No matter the wax you use, it can crack if you wait too long. The skin pulls moisture from the wax and can easily become brittle. Follow the manufacturer guidelines for how long you should wait to pull your strips. If you are using Smooth Nectar Hard Wax, you can leave a thick strip on for 1-2minutes, but if the strip is thinner, you must pull it right away.

A good rule is to press firmly on the strip you applied to the skin, and if it doesn't stick to your gloves, you can remove the strip. Remember to pull quickly, parallel to the skin, in the opposite direction you applied the wax, and move in a fluid motion. Do not hesitate or stop mid-pull. The last part is based on small strips. If you have a long entire limb strip, you can pull halfway, readjust your grip and pull again. Be sure you follow the parallel rule. If you pull up instead of aligned with the person's body part being wax, you can cause hair breakage.

We love troubleshooting with our customers. We can video chat while you perform a service or talk you through the process again. Making sure you get the best wax every time is just as important to us as it is to you.


Diana is the CEO and Founder of Honeycomb Wax Company. She formulated our depilatory wax and skin care line.