Waxing 101: Through the Seasons

Waxing 101: Through the Seasons

Posted by Sheenakaye Diaz on Sep 3rd 2023

Speaking with so many professional waxers, we've realized that many people have trouble when it comes to changing seasons and waxing consistency. But did you know that there is a reason why your summer wax session feels a tad different from your winter sessions? It’s not just you and it’s hardly EVER your wax! It’s just Mother Nature playing a part in our waxing routines!

With each season comes its own little quirks, especially when it comes to waxing. So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty and make sure your next waxing session is as smooth as silk.

1. Sizzling Summer ☀

We all know the glow up we aim for during summer! Our clients are especially excited for this season of bikinis, water sports, and summer fun! But remember, everything's hotter—including us and the environment. This means your wax might not need to be as hot as usual. Why? Your client’s body temperature's likely risen a tad because of the heat, and you might have to wait forever for that wax to set especially if your wax room is kept at the same temperature throughout the year!

Pro tip: You should probably turn that wax warmer down just a notch. This will help with keeping the consistency just right for a quick and easy service for both you and your clients! Another tip for those extra sweaty areas: cut back on oil and try a tiny bit of corn starch to eliminate moisture.

2. Winter Wonderland ❄

Brrr, it’s chilly! While some of us are living for the cozy vibes, our wax is, unfortunately, not a fan. If your room’s feeling a bit like the North Pole and there’s no heater around, the wax will probably need a bit more heat to get it just right.

Quick hint: Warm and comfy rooms mean happier waxing. So, cranking up that heater a bit or simply turning the temperature up on your warmer might help. Doing this will prevent your wax from setting too quick and will keep your service as seamless as ever! 😉 On the other side, turning up your room heater TOO much will mean you should turn your wax warmer down a notch.

3. Fabulous Fall 🍂 & Sensational Spring🌸

Ah, the in-betweens! Not too hot, not too cold. It's like nature's giving our skin a break. During these milder times, your wax is pretty chill and doesn’t need much tampering with. Keeping it at the regular, recommended temperature should work just fine!

As an Esthetician, waxing is our canvas, and the seasons are our ever-changing backdrop. But with a little knowledge (and some fun seasonal playlists during our sessions), we can make every waxing experience a breeze, no matter the weather!


  1. During the major temperature changes, your wax will change
  2. Changing your room, changes your wax
    1. cooler roomer = warmer wax
    2. warmer room = cooler wax
  3. More sweat = less oil or add powder
  4. More dry = more oil

Playing with your temperatures while waxing during the seasonal changes makes a HUGE difference in the consistency of the wax and the services you provide! Spend an extra 30 minutes to an hour during the season change to ensure you've got your consistency correct. So, let’s roll with the seasons, and make sure every waxing experience is smooth sailing! 😉🍃🔥??✨

Written by: Sheenakaye Diaz

Sheenakaye is our Director of Customer Acquisitions. She started her journey with HoneyComb Wax Co. in December of 2021 and has since been to several trade shows to represent.