Waxing Tips & Tricks For Newbies

Waxing Tips & Tricks For Newbies

Posted by Hannah U. on Mar 12th 2023

In the world of waxing it’s easy to get confused and even frustrated when trying to find the right type of wax for your diverse clientele and the services they need.   Many brands have a plethora of choices for both types of wax and that’s when the headache can come! Here at Honeycomb Wax Co. we understand the many options estheticians have when it comes to choosing what hard & soft wax they want to bring into their business, which is why we have streamlined our brand to not only make it easy to order but also easy to understand the wax and products we offer, from ingredients to where it’s made. (YAY USA!)



There are many techniques that can be helpful to incorporate into your waxing habits that can ease clients pain and even anxiety! The art of waxing is extremely intimate and having a silent waxer makes the experience all the more awkward. We know that not everyone is a Chatty Kathy but talking to your clients is truly imperative.  By staying silent it can come across to the client as though you aren’t fully invested in their wax; but we know you are! 

Establishing a relationship with your client is essential from the moment they step into your wax room. If you tend to be on the shy or quiet side, try opened ended questions, especially if they are first time waxers! 

Here’s some helpful conversation starters:

  • “I’m so excited for you to experience a Brazilian wax! What made you decide to book yours today?”
  • “I see this is your first wax and I am so happy I can share so much knowledge about how to take care of your skin post wax and during the weeks until our next appointment is”— [IF you have a client who is truly super quiet, just educate them the entire time! There’s so much to learn and why not share all of what you have studied?!]

Or, if they have been waxed before, you can do a bit of detective work while striking up your conversation...

  • “I see that you have been waxed before, when was the last time? Did you feel like your needs were met with your last esthetician?”.  
  • “I saw on your form that you have been previously waxed but its been a while! So happy you’re back with us.  Is there a special occasion or is this something you want to make a routine out of again; either way, we’re always happy to see you whenever you come in!”

These little tricks can help you better understand your client, their goals, and their needs. This is vital when it comes to rebooking, retail sales, client retention and even referrals!


There are many ways to make your sensitive clients feel more comfortable during their service. As you read above, chatting with your client is one of those ways, but that’s just one! We as estheticians know that the sting of waxing is brief but to the client that pain feels significant.  Consider sharing with your clients Mind Over Matter! If your client thinks it’s going to be a painful wax, it’s going to be a painful wax.

  • Tip 1: Ease your client’s anxiety by incorporating breathing techniques on strips you know will be slightly more painful.  There are many breathing techniques but our personal favorite is counting out loud (1,2,3) and once you say “3” you pull your strip and the client breathes out, and you immediately desensitize the area.
  • Tip 2: Waxing the inner bum is the easiest and least painful area of the entire Brazilian. Consider starting in that “Cannon Ball”, “Knees to Chest”, or “Happy Baby” position instead.  This will be helpful in many scenarios since starting from that pose will not cause you to ‘lock’ hair, and if you’re with a brand new client its very easy to see how sensitive they will be by waxing the least painful area first!
  • Tip 3: When your client is laying flat on their back and they are in a “frog” or “butterfly” pose (feet together, knees apart) have them pull taught on their tummies. This has nothing to do about weight. Skin can always be pulled more taught. Please make sure your client understands this! When your client is in this pose and holding taught, this gives her a “job” to focus on while you do your job. This fool proof technique not only allows the client comfort but allows you to give the cleanest wax (if you’re pulling your strip correctly… parallel towards the skin), since the skin is so tight breakage will not occur, thus giving your client a clean wax and no ingrown hairs because of breakage.
  • Tip 4: Do not lay a large or wide strip onto your clients skin, as the longer and wider the strip is will bring your client discomfort.  No matter the size of the strip, the quicker you pull the happier the client is!
  • Tip 5: Know your products like the back of your hand.  Eduction is key for building your client’s trust and once that is created you will see your retail sales hit an all time high!

At Honeycomb Wax Co. we want to see each of you thrive in your business.  Please reach out to our education team if you have any tips and tricks that you would like to share.  As always, we appreciate all feedback and hope you incorporate some or all of the above into your services.  Buzzing Off ???