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Wax Sticks | No-Break | Large

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Add 200 Large Wax Sticks + $8

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Soft Wax | Cans | Smooth Nectar

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Manufactured in the USA. This soft wax is perfect for your clients chest, back, legs, and other large areas of the body.

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Get everything you need to help your clients with their hair removal needs with our large professional wax warmer kit. This warmer now comes with the industry-leading 2-year warmer warranty!

Our kit includes the following:

  • 7LB Professional Wax Warmer
  • BeeSmooth Post Oil (4 OZ)
  • BeeClean Pre & Post Solution (8 OZ)
  • 5LB Bag of Our Newest Hard Wax - Wild Honey
  • 25 Large | No-Break | Wax Sticks


    Large Wax Warmer:

    HoneyComb Wax Company was the first wax supply company to revolutionize large wax warmers. We designed a durable, removable insert and upgraded all components. This pot is built to last a lifetime. This 5lb wax warmer is everything you need to provide excellent services and save time. Your business will thrive with the amount of time you save by not having to fill your warmer throughout the day.

    This large wax warmer is perfect for a busy esthie who needs a wax warmer that can be ready to go for back-to-back services. Our metal inserts allow you to keep your warmer clean and switch out waxes without headaches.

    This sophisticated, well-made wax warmer takes your services to the next level. A heating element that wraps all-around heating keeps your wax at the perfect temperature. The temperature light shows when the warmer regulates your wax by turning it on and off.

    Hard Wax:

    Wild Honey is the highest quality premium hard wax on the market. Which just so happens to be vegan and extremely gentle. This extremely elastic wax is ideal for both fine and coarse hair. Wild Honey Hard Wax can be used on the face, bikini and body. It is a low temperature hard wax formulated by our own founder and manufactured here in the USA. We only use the highest quality ingredients in our formulas.

    Our goal with this formulation is to have a European-Style Hard Film Wax that works for all hair types.

    It shrinks wraps around each hair follicle to take away even the shortest, coarsest, and most stubborn hair from the root, so the skin stays smoother longer without any breakage.

    Its gentle hydrating formula will help exfoliate the top layer of skin while preserving the skin’s barrier. It is gentle enough for the most delicate areas, and strong enough to pull even the most stubborn hair.


    How you prep the skin is essential to the outcome of your wax. When picking a product, you want it to do several things. Cleanse, Soothe, and protect. BeeClean offers protection with antioxidants, pain-minimizing oils, and powerhouse ingredients that cleanse, nourish, and support skin before and after hair removal. BeeClean has the added benefit of exfoliating at a cellular level with the help of the all-natural ingredient willow bark.


    BeeSmooth protects, softens, and soothes skin post waxing! With safflower oil being its main ingredient, you get incredible benefits without having a lot of ingredients. Safflower is high in Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps moisturize while alleviating pain, redness, and irritation. Safflower oil is also non-comedogenic, so that you can use this on everyone! It adds an extra barrier to protect the skin when applied before waxing. When applied after waxing, it soothes and prevents further irritation.

    Who is the Large HoneyPot Kit good for?

    • The busy full-service waxer
    • The Estie Bestie that offers back to back services
    • The new salon owner just starting that plans to expand
    • The Brazilian wax specialist

    Pro Tips:

    • Apply before waxing to provide a protective barrier
    • Apply oil to your gloves to prevent wax from sticking to your hands during services
    • Keep an esthetic wipe moistened with BeeClean to wipe away clients' sweat during services.
    • Use all three products together for the perfect waxing experience.
    • If the wax is running off your waxing spatula, your wax is most likely too hot.
    • Purchase a Wifi Plug to save you time on busy days.


    • Indicator Light - turns on and off to show heat regulation
    • Revolutionary heating element. Heats from all sides.
    • Adjustable thermostat
    • Included a durable, removable insert and aluminum lid
    • Hold 7 LBS of hard wax


    • 7 LB basin
    • Removable metal insert
    • 30°C – 100°C Adjustable Temperature knob.
    • 110-120 Volt U.S. Standard 350 Watts.
    • Inner Pot Measurements: 6.9 Inches Wide and 5.2 Inches Deep.
    • Warmer Measurements: 11.9 X 9.7 X 8.4 Inches.
    • 5 LB Hard Wax
    • 1 Full-Size BeeClean Pre/Post Cleanser (8 OZ)
    • 1 BeeSmooth Post Oil (4 OZ)

    Hard Wax:

    Glycerol Rosinate, Microcrystalline Wax, Paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidium, Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Biodegradable Glitter, Natural Fragrance


    Organic aloe leaf juice, witch hazel, water, glycerin, organic white willow bark extract, pink grapefruit peel oil, tea tree leaf oil, organic alcohol, and tetrasodium.


    Safflower Oil, Tea Tree Oil

    What Makes The Honey Pot So Special?

    • Durable. It is made up of only the highest quality components.
    • Holds up to 8 lbs of hard wax
    • Revolutionary heating element. Heats from all sides.
    • Beautifully designed
    • Compact design

    Large Wax Warmer:

    • Plugin and turn on your HoneyPot Wax Warmer.
    • Place your wax into your HoneyPot wax warmer, then put on the lid.
    • Turn the temperature of the warmer up until the wax is fully melted. Stir occasionally.
    • Lower the temperature to 40-55°C and let cool to a thick, honey-like texture.
    • Mix and test strips on your wrist before performing services on the client.
    • Turn off you're warmer at the end of the day!

    Hard Wax:

    Wild Honey

    • Set your wax warmer to 75C until the wax is about half-melted. Then turn the warmer temperature down slightly to 45-55C to hold its temperature all day.
    • The wax needs to be a butter consistency so it’s thick enough that it doesn’t fall off the wax stick quickly and doesn’t run off the wax stick. You want it to ball up and slowly drop off the stick.
    • Apply to yourself to test the wax temperature. It should feel only warm to the skin. Twirl your stick to help determine when you have the right consistency and desired application temperature.
    • When applying to the face to remove vellus hair, use a lot of pressure and swirl in a back-and-forth motion to lock in those pesky hairs.
    • When performing an underarm wax, apply pressure in two directions, making a figure 8 to wrap the coarse hair. Repeat this twice in opposite directions.
    • Hard wax for large body parts isn’t for everyone. We recommend soft wax for the back, chest, stomach, legs, and arms. The key here is to have enough wax on your stick. The more wax on your stick, the larger the area you can apply. The wax needs to be thick on the edges as you apply it. You should be able to see the skin and hair underneath the wax.
    • Wild Honey Hard Wax is the perfect wax for your Brazilian Wax. Every esthetician has their own technique when it comes to Brazilian Waxing. Here’ are a few tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of Smooth Nectar Hard Wax: Apply ample pressure, apply in the direction of hair growth, and pull against the direction of hair growth. Pull fast for maximum client comfort.


    Before waxing, spray onto skin and gently wipe off with an esthetic wipe.

    After waxing, spray onto skin and gently wipe off with an esthetic wipe.


    Before waxing, apply a small amount onto the skin and gently wipe off with an esthetic wipe.

    After waxing, apply a small amount onto the skin and gently wipe off with an esthetic wipe.

    What's different about Wild Honey?

    Made in the USA, Wild Honey is Honeycomb Wax Company's Signature European-Style Hard Film Wax. This means thinner strips, longer strips, and the ability to work well with multiple types of prep.

    Should I get Wild Honey or Smooth Nectar?

    This is personal preference. Smooth Nectar is used and loved by thousands of estheticians and works very well at hair removal. It was developed by an esthetician to be the most effective when used properly. Wild Honey was developed by that same esthetician to allow for waxers of all experience levels to be effective.

    If you do a lot of full body waxing, have less experience waxing, or would like a little more flexibility in your application, Wild Honey may be a better choice. It is designed to allow for the longest strips possible and can be applied very thin and still pull even the smallest hair.

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    All of our Warmers come with a 1-year warranty. Reach out to us any time to help troubleshoot or see about a replacement warmer.

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