Top 8 Ways to Help Your Clients (And Ensure They Come Back)

Top 8 Ways to Help Your Clients (And Ensure They Come Back)

Posted by Diana K. on Apr 5th 2022

One of the most difficult issues we experience as spa owners is knowing how clients truly felt about their experience with us, and how we can help ensure they want to come back. After all, we do want them to come back, right?

Here are eight ways you can help ensure that your clients keep coming back over and over again for your services:

1. Make Their Experience Inviting ~ The client experience doesn’t just begin when they walk through your door. It starts when they book their appointment. Consider if your software makes the process easy and inviting. Do you make it clear what they should and shouldn’t do prior to the appointment?

Now that it is time for their appointment what is their experience like. Consider everything about their experience. For example, When they walk in do they smell cleaning products or a lovely mixture of essential oils. Do you offer refreshments and a cozy chair for them to use while they fill in their intake forms?

You should consider who your target market is when designing your space. A 55-year-old woman may not like vibrant walls, but a 20 something may.

2. The Intake Process ~ This is your first line of communication and should absolutely be as thorough as possible. Besides getting all their information is your intake form overwhelming or bland?

Maybe think of fun ways to ask questions or make witty jokes between sections. Think of ways to keep them engaged. (Check out our other blog to learn more about the intake process /blogs/waxing-know-how/consultations)

3. Overall Experience - Make every client’s overall experience the best it can be. Everyone is different and has different likes and dislikes. Treat every client as they want to be treated by listening to them and asking questions. Go above and beyond for every client.

Examples could be providing gua sha massage during the masking process, using essential oils to make your steam towel smell lovely, or offering inexpensive upgrades like an eye treatment or lip mask. Possibilities are endless. Just use your imagination.

4. After Their Service ~ Before they leave, ask each and every client what they liked the best about their time with your spa and if there was anything they would like to incorporate during their next time (hint – this is a lead-in that assumes they’ll be back, without saying it). Make sure you go over with them what you did, how their skin reacted, and what you expect to see on their next service. Provide them a mirror to examine their skin and see the difference for themselves. Keep in mind you must set realistic expectations while doing your exit interview with them.

During this time is when you want to offer them waxing retail products that will amplify their service. Don’t push too many products on them, but recommending 1-3 will show them you are knowledgeable and care about their overall outcome, not just the service you provided. By upselling just 1 product, you can often increase your profit by 50% on a single service!!

5. Booking The Next Service ~ Booking before the client leaves is paramount in keeping them as repeat clients. During your consultation and service, you should touch lightly on how they need multiple appointments to see desired results. This will allow you to be a little more forceful without being aggressive when you go to rebook your appointment. This is one way you can be assertive without being aggressive, “I’d like to see you back in 4 weeks so we can continue working on “insert concern” I have “Insert Date” available. Does that work for you?” If they say, “no,” ask if there is a day close to your recommendation that would work for them. If they express wanting to book online or at a later date, advise them that your schedule fills fast and to not wait very long because you may not have the availability they want.

6. Follow-up Calls ~ Regardless if they are prebooked or not, you want to make sure you touch base with all your clients within 48 hours. Ask questions about how they are feeling if they had questions or concerns. Don’t push for a follow-up appointment during this call. Make it all about them and their needs, but if the opportunity presents itself you can say: “ We can address that more at your next appointment.”, “When you come to see me next time you will see more of a difference” Etc.

7. Negative Feedback ~ If you do receive negative feedback consider it an opportunity to grow and not as a failure. Make sure you listen. Don’t get defensive. Their feelings are more important than your need to correct them or to give a reason why. Once they are done venting, apologize and ask them what they would like to fix the issue. If it is about the results they don’t see, offer them an upgrade to a more potent service. If it is about your technique or pressure give them a discount on the next service so you can show them you can change your pressure or technique based on their needs. An esthetician that can adapt to the client is a successful one.

8. Keep Them Active ~ If you haven’t booked their appointment yet, don’t worry, you can do a few things to remind them how amazing and knowledgeable you are. You can send a text or email notifications to remind them they are due for a service soon. You can also shower them with love and knowledge by providing informational articles, product recommendations, and announcements on what you offer at your spa. If it has been a few weeks give them a “how are you” phone call. Remember to be assertive but not aggressive. Show Confidence in yourself and your services and you are sure to win the hearts of all your clients.


Diana is the CEO and Founder of Honeycomb Wax Company. She formulated our depilatory wax and skin care line.