What Are Waxing Products:

Professional estheticians that want to include hair removal in their spa need professional waxing products! The waxing products you'll need as an esthetician include products to not only remove the hair, but also to help your client be as comfortable as possible. Such products for waxing include a pre-wax cleanser to avoid pore contamination during the waxing, the wax itself, waxing strips, waxing applicators, and a post-waxing product application to help the skin heal and make it feel smooth and comfortable.

What Kind Of Wax To Use:

What kind of wax should you use for your waxing clients? There are all sorts of wax available to remove unwanted hair from your clients. Soft wax is one type of wax. It will never get hard, but it does require a special product for removing the soft wax. Waxing strips are specially made strips perfect for use to remove the soft wax. You'll want to be sure the waxing strips you use for your soft wax don't tear or stretch because that will harm the client's waxing experience.

Hard Wax:

Hard wax is another type of waxing product and is the type of wax that will set and get hard. You will want to follow the manufacturer's directions for using your hard wax because you don't want unnecessary breakage or have any other issues. Hard wax doesn't require a removal waxing strip because you just pull the wax as it sets. Then off comes the wax and the hair! Another issue that you want to be cognizant of is the temperature of your waxing products when they are applied to your client. Be careful the products you use for waxing aren't too hot - OUCH!

Applicators and Wax Application:

Applicators (also known as waxing sticks) are specialty waxing products that are used for getting melted wax out of the warmer and applying it to the client's skin. At first, you may not be very good at applying wax with the waxing applicator. As you become more experienced in the art of waxing, you'll definitely get more of a feel for how to use the waxing sticks.

Understand How To Use Each Product:

Waxing products are very important to keep in stock in your waxing spa, and the most important thing to remember when using your waxing products is that your client always comes first. Be sure you understand exactly how to use each of your waxing products, and always practice with new products before using them on waxing clients in your spa. This way you will never feel embarrassed by a bad service.

Selling Retail Products:

Finally, you may not have realized this, but you could even sell retail waxing products to your clients to not only help them with their skin after your service but also to help you earn extra income for servicing your clients! See our waxing retail products collections page for more information on how YOU can make more money by selling those products to your clients.

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