The History of HoneyComb Wax Co.

The History of HoneyComb Wax Co.

Posted by Sheenakaye Diaz on Sep 17th 2023

Behind every product, every ad, and every review is a person who decided to put their all into something and follow their dreams. We know that the journey itself can be taxing, especially if there is a solo dream being followed, but we’ve learned that the beginning is just the beginning and with that, you’ll hardly ever see an end.

This is the same for HoneyComb Wax! On the outside looking in, we seem like a pretty big company. That is all until you really talk to us and realize, we are so small and made of only about 15 employees all together! (Hard to believe right? We know! 😆)


The history of HoneyComb Wax starts with our founder, Diana! After being a mom suffering through postpartum depression and realizing she needed change, she embarked on her journey to become an Esthetician.

Becoming who she needed to be was not easy though. She’d gone to Esthetic school but She dropped out to be the mom and wife her family needed her to be at the time. This sacrifice meant that in no time, she would be yearning to find herself again. She attempted another career in events and dove into selling cloth diapers for other moms like her. After realizing she was not happy, she was back at square one.

Now a full time student, she’d finally graduated and became the Esthetician she’d been working years to become! Along with her husband and kids, she’d moved from her hometown to a whole new state. The change in itself can be challenging, but she was able to find some solace in the growth of her mobile business. This felt like floating on clouds until a sudden change in their plans had resulted in having to move back to their hometown and start all over again. BUT, she’d already been through so much, it was worth welcoming the possibilities that were presenting themselves.


At last, HoneyComb is born!

Initially, it was all just an idea. Just a thought. As an Esthie, and we all know how it goes - her warmer broke so, she began looking for a warmer that was larger and worked better than anything she could find on Amazon. Ben (her husband) and herself shared some background in business and were certain they could find a warmer that was better than anything else they’d encounter online. So, it was time to get to work. A whole year was dedicated to testing warmers!

Eventually, Diana realized that the wax she was using just wasn’t working how she’d hoped. This “thought” that started off with her broken warmer was coming to life. Soon enough, they got to a place where they could put the warmers into production and while this was all happening, Diana did her work in perfecting her formula. This process alone resulted in burning rosin, titanium, and all the ingredients found in today’s waxes - all in the hopes of getting her wax just RIGHT. In 2020, Rand, who is Ben’s best friend, stepped in to help rebuild their website, and with his help, plus, Diana’s gift for design and text, Ben added some advertising to Facebook and Rand started advertising on google with Diana’s designs!

Thus, the powerpuff girls *ahem* I mean, the Honeycomb team is born. Diana, Ben, and Rand all work so hard together to keep this business moving into the right direction. What started off as a yearning mom’s search for herself resulted in a growing company with endless opportunities.

What was originally just our warmers and our ‘OG’ Natural wax formula, has continued to develop. In 2021, our warmers were redesigned to have a Rose gold aesthetic - the internal wiring and heating elements were ALSO revamped! In 2022 alone, we’d added our Soft wax cartridge roll on warmers and wax! We’d even launched our Professional hard wax a few months after, which really garnered traction and interest because it was formulated to work similarly to how most were used to!

Through the years, we’ve built a following as organically as possible. We hired our first customer service representative back in 2021 and consistently grew from there on out. With time, we’d found ourselves in a place where we needed to hire a team that could help support our production, as well! In 2022, we attended our first tradeshow and soon established our presence any chance we could.

ICES - Miami Beach, FL - 2022


For a while, we’d talked about wanting to provide further education and in this year, we have finally been able to accomplish just that! We’ve spoken to tons of Estheticians that shared their struggles once they were out in the “real world” and felt like the education they’d provided in school was not enough to suffice the kind of thing they’d be doing when they graduated. We saw this as an opportunity to support others and have since launched our Waxing bootcamp with The Hive! 😀 Little by little, all the things we’d set out to do were beginning to happen.

This goes to show that with hard work and dedication, HoneyComb Wax Co. can flourish. With the help and support of our customers and our team, all of our dreams and hopes became a reality. Starting your journey, regardless of what it looks like - is NEVER easy. But with a will, there’s a way and we hope to provide our support to others throughout the course of these next few years.


The business itself is growing, but we cannot do what we do without all of the people involved, you included! We are so grateful to have the opportunity to explore the waxing world and all of the intricacies that come along with it, together! We are so excited to share our business with you and to continue to grow as a team alongside the amazing customers we have had over time. The unconditional support we've received has been overwhelming and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for us all.✨

Written by: Sheenakaye Diaz

Sheenakaye is our Director of Customer Acquisitions. She started her journey with HoneyComb Wax Co. in December of 2021 and has since been to several trade shows to represent.