3 Best Practices To Boost Your Online Presence AND Why Your Spa Needs a Great Online Presence For the Best Success

3 Best Practices To Boost Your Online Presence AND Why Your Spa Needs a Great Online Presence For the Best Success

Posted by Diana K. on May 9th 2022

Boost Your Online Presence

Nearly everyone is online, which is a far cry from 20 years ago when businesses still had to advertise in the Yellow Pages. Now we're saying, "What are Yellow Pages?"

Do You Need a Large Online Presence?

In today's world, a business that does not have an extensive online presence is less likely to succeed because it gets in front of fewer people than a business with a significant online presence.

Look at your bigger competitors - do they have a significant presence online? Do they have lots of reviews? Do they have lots of people talking about them? Sure they do! Does it make sense to have a more significant online presence? Unless you're just doing your spa part-time and don't have bigger aspirations, the answer should be YES!!

Top 3 Ways to Get a Larger Online Presence

Now that you know your online presence probably should be more significant than it is - HOW do you get a more prominent company online so more people find you?

For local businesses such as your spa, the Google Business Listing is the number 1 thing you can do to get in front of more people online. When people go to Maps to find a local listing, the Google Business Listings are displayed in the search results! If you aren't there, those people searching won't find YOU!

The more info you have in your Google Business Listing and the more reviews you have, the higher your listing will show when people search for your keyword terms!

Business Practice Number 1 to Boost Your Online Presence:

If you don't have one, get (or, if you have one, update) your Google Business Listing! Not only should you have one, but also make use of nearly ALL of its features! Here are some examples:
* You can make sure that your business info is updated, such as your business hours, services, etc.
* You can set up a one-page Google Business website with it. (NOTE: this does NOT take the place of your website - you need that too!)
* You get to post about your business as much as you want using the Post feature.
* You get to upload pictures of your spa, your logo, and other cool pictures.
* You can ask you're satisfied clients to review you and upload pictures too. (TIP: provide them a link in an email or text message to boost the number of clients that'll follow through on this for you)

Business Practice Number 2 to Boost Your Online Presence:

Get a website, or update it at least once a month if you have one already. Here are some details:
* Post helpful blogs so your clients can get info to take better care of themselves, talk about your services in one or two blog posts, and talk about any other helpful information or even things you love to talk about (keep the personal likes posts to a minimum but still people do want to know about you!)
* Be sure all your info is up to date on your website. Post new pictures, info on new services, sales, and other pertinent information on your website.
* Link out to your Google Business Site as well as your supplier's websites. These things help increase your website's popularity and trust factor in Google.
* Be sure to post an About page on the website and talk all about you and why people would trust you to perform your services for them.

Business Practice Number 3 to Boost Your Online Presence:

Get on Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are all driven by images and, now more than ever, video. Those are the things that can sell your business to new clients. Here are some specific tips to help you:
* Be sure to have a business page on those platforms and post regularly, similarly to your blog posts but shorter. When you post a blog on your website, you can post a blurb about it on social media to pique interest and link to the blog article on your website from the social media posts.
* Join local interest and business groups and participate by offering advice where it's asked but don't spam them ('selling' your services is generally considered spamming).
* If you've got detailed information that people would love to know, post it on your social media. Don't hold back - people want and need ideas and info to help them! Do you specialize in specific skin problems? Post about them on your business pages, and remember that images speak 1000 words.

Do you have any questions about your online presence? Send us an email at, and we'll do everything we can to help!


Diana is the CEO and Founder of Honeycomb Wax Company. She formulated our depilatory wax and skin care line.