Top 5 Ways To Make Your Spa Stand Out: How To Keep Clients Happy

Top 5 Ways To Make Your Spa Stand Out: How To Keep Clients Happy

Posted by Diana K. on Sep 20th 2022

When a new client walks into your spa, how do you make sure they keep coming back over and over again? Are you the esthetician/spa they tell their friends about? We’ve spent time speaking with thousands of spas to understand what keeps their clients loving them.

Converting a first-time customer to a returning customer is one of two main drivers of success in your business. This is because it costs time and effort (even if it's a referral) to get that customer in the door. Losing them is a lost opportunity unless this customer is particularly troublesome. Multiple aspects of your clients experience, including post-care, help them decide whether the experience was "great" from their perspective.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 ways to make your spa stand out. These tips will make your clients happy, and have them not only come back, but INSIST on coming back because they LOVE your spa!!


This means pleasing their senses with an artistic flair. Look, touch, smell, hearing, even taste if you choose to provide goodies. Try to have a common theme to your decor so nothing seems out of place to clients. Make sure to spend time cleaning your space and keep everything tidy.


Whether something went wrong or not, you have the ability to be proactive with your customers when it comes to pricing, expectations before and after service, and how to best help themselves at home. Don’t let clients be taken by surprise.

Get out of your comfort zone and ask them how they felt things went with their service. It's very important to be receptive to their comments; be gracious and accepting to them, even if you don't agree. Try not to take negative comments personally (especially if you performed the service).


Are you using products that live up to yours and your client’s expectations? Do they do what they promise? For the quickest win for your clients, show them how the follicle bulbs are being removed with your wax rather than broken. You can also educate them on how ingrown hairs appear and offer products that will help prevent them.


This has more to do with communication than anything. Be sure to schedule a follow-up call 4-6 business hours (or next morning) after their service to see how they’re doing. And tell them you’re going to do that so they expect the call/text.


You know what your business and skin-care, right? They probably don’t! So educate your clients - tell them EVERYTHING you’re doing, how it will help, and any possible issues to look out for. The more they learn from you, the more likely they will remain loyal to you! Try and send them information that will help them at home.


We hope this brief but informative article has been helpful to you and now you understand more about how to retain those clients instead of just letting them be on their own after your service and taking the chance they’ll never return.

It costs MUCH less to keep a client than to attract a new one. So always do your best to keep them. ALL of them!


Diana is the CEO and Founder of Honeycomb Wax Company. She formulated our depilatory wax and skin care line.