What Are Wax Warmers:

If you need to melt wax for your waxing clients, you need a top-quality professional wax warmer. Professional wax warmers are able to melt wax in a specially designed compartment that has at least one heating element. All you have to do is put the wax in the wax warmer and then turn it on. One thing you don't want to do is turn your professional wax warmer on when there's no wax in it because the wax won't melt efficiently in the warmer. Another problem with doing that is you could burn out the wax warmer element pre-maturely, and this may not be covered under your warranty.

How To Use Wax Warmers:

The best way to use your professional wax warmer is to fill the pot with as much wax as you think you'll use for a specified time period. For example, if you have 5 waxing clients booked for the morning, then you'll fill your professional warmer with as much as you'll need for those 5 clients. Then you can add more wax as you need it when the wax warmer starts getting low on wax. You'll also want to be careful when you are using your warmer because you don't want any foreign particles getting into it. Always cover your wax warmer when you are not putting wax in or getting wax out.

Wax Warmers Sizes:

Wax warmers come in all kinds of sizes and styles. There are small wax warmers that hold about 1 pound of wax, and there are double wax warmers that hold double that amount because there are two wax pots in the warmer, and each of them holds the same amount as the small wax warmer. Then there are the large wax warmers. Some of those professional wax warmers hold about 5.5 pounds of wax, and some hold even more wax!

What To Look For In Wax Warmers:

When you're looking to purchase your wax warmer, be sure to look for the reviews of that brand. If a brand doesn't have many reviews or the reviews aren't very good because of issues with the wax warmer, look for a different brand. Another issue with professional warmers is that some of them have short warranty periods. Look for a wax warmer that has a one-year warranty - that way you'll know you're covered if for some reason your warmer stops functioning. Lastly, be sure that you're not buying the cheapest wax warmer on the market - you always get what you pay for, and the best wax warmers are going to cost more because it costs more money to build a high-quality wax warmer.

Wax Warmer Features To Look For:

For features, any wax warmer you're considering should look great in your spa! Ugly wax warmers might function properly, but will you be proud of it when you have clients staring at it? So, you'll want to get a professional wax warmer that looks cute in your waxing spa! You'll also want to consider the heating time of wax in the warmer. If you suddenly have an unexpected surge of clients, you don't want to worry about whether the wax will get to temperature before the next client! Get a wax warmer that can handle the volume that you have not only in terms of size but also how fast it can melt wax.

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