Top 5 Mistakes That New Estheticians Make (And You Want to Avoid!)

Top 5 Mistakes That New Estheticians Make (And You Want to Avoid!)

Posted by Diana K. on Jul 11th 2022


When we're about to begin a new career, the world is open to us, much like a child is discovering their new world around them. We've hopefully set some attainable goals (with a timeline) for our career, and we have lots of really good ideas about what we hope to accomplish in our future as an esthetician.

With that said, however, we're going to make some mistakes not only in our day-to-day professional lives, but also in our thought processes and our expectations with how we perceive our lives and how they should turn out. In this article, we will address five of those mistakes. It’s my hope this article will give you some ideas that can help you in ways you probably haven't considered.


In no particular order, here's the top 5 mistakes new estheticians make:

1) They don’t continue education outside of school. Esthetician's school is meant to give you a great head start in your new career. However, it's not the be all, end all. The esthetics field is huge, and no one can know everything about it. Therefore, you must continue your education, and while you do continue it, you will want to discover that special micro-niche (specialty) that you absolutely love.

The advantage to specializing (especially in a high-demand niche such as waxing) is YOU will be more in-demand in the industry because of your knowledge. You want vast knowledge and amazing transforming techniques to become YOUR superpower!

2) They assume because they are licensed that they can get a job anywhere. There's a lot of people looking for the same job, especially for newbies that have 0 (or nearly 0) job experience in your field. Find a way to stand out and make yourself more hireable than everyone else.

Figure that out and you're almost guaranteed at least one position somewhere. Here's what I mean - employers want to hire people that get along with others, represent their spa in the most positive way possible, and are truly motivated to succeed (and therefore give their spa the best chances to succeed). Be sure you emulate those things every second of every day.  

3) They don’t think they need additional coaching or they don’t find a mentor. Everyone should have a coach or mentor - there's so many things in life that we don't know, and we don't know what we don't know until we know it. So keep your eyes open for someone that you admire and respect and tell them you respect and admire them (and be specific as to why). They'll appreciate the compliment, and you might just have the opportunity to begin a beautiful mentoring relationship with them.

4) They go solo without perfecting their skills. Many of us have a goal of going out on our own and starting our own spa, which is a wonderful and admirable goal! Your income potential is nearly unlimited by doing this! The thing is though, without having a high amount of experience and knowledge in the field, we lower our chances of succeeding. Being new out of school is NOT the time to consider going solo.

Think of your experience and knowledge as a fuel gauge - - the more experience and knowledge you have, the fuller that fuel gauge gets. I am talking years here (minimum of 1 year), not just weeks or months. Your chances of running your own successful spa are extremely low if that gauge is on E, but greatly increase as your fuel gauge becomes closer and closer to that Full mark.

5) They don’t experiment with different lines to find their best fit. As suggested in number 1, you must try different aspects in the esthetics field to discover where your passion lies. You don't just want to think of this as a job or your daily keep. You need to find (and keep!) that passion for your specialty. So be on the lookout for where your passion lies and go forward full-force until you're an expert, and beyond!


I sincerely hope this article has helped you understand more about how you can evolve as an esthetician and avoid mistakes that could cause you to fail prematurely, before discovering your true potential. You are an amazing person and you’ve come SO far!

By following these tips, you’ll definitely have a much better chance for success - now go out, discover your passion, and ENJOY your amazing career in esthetics!!


Diana is the CEO and Founder of Honeycomb Wax Company. She formulated our depilatory wax and skin care line.