Best Ways to Acquire New Clients (Without Spending a Lot of Money)

Best Ways to Acquire New Clients (Without Spending a Lot of Money)

Posted by Diana K. on Apr 28th 2022

Why Do I Need New Clients?

For your spa to survive, you need a constant inflow of new clients. If you rely only on your current clients to pay yourself and your bills, you won't last long in business. You need the best ways to regularly acquire new clients, and preferably without spending a lot of money. This is because people move on for one reason or another. Without getting new clients, it'll just be a matter of time before your client base diminishes to the point you can no longer pay your rent.

What are the Best Ways I Can Get New Clients?

To do this, we must always be selling ourselves. The problem is, how can we sell ourselves while we're busy running our spa?

It takes an average of 12 exposures to a business before someone will take action and contact that business, IF they’re interested enough and they feel they can TRUST that business. Keep this in mind as you’re reading the next two paragraphs….

  1. You could advertise on Google, Facebook, Pinterest, or other social media, but that costs a lot of money. Done right it can pay for itself. But…. it takes time and money to get to there, and you probably don't have that extra cash to spare while you're trying to keep your business (and your family) going!!
  2. You could post a lot on social media, but then that costs you time (time and money are your two most valuable resources in business). How much time does it cost you to create the graphics and post on the different platforms, or for that matter even just go into your local groups to monitor and get involved in conversations that could bring you some business? It takes time - time you may not have!

Can you imagine how much money or time you’d have to put in to expose a person to your business 12 times?

Extremely Cost-Saving Ways to Get Tons of New Clients

Now let’s look at some much more cost-effective (in terms of time and money) ways to expose people to your business! It took me a long time to figure those things out - the learning process is difficult AND painful!!

  1. Word of Mouth is the ‘cheapest’ form of advertising. Many times, it takes just one exposure to your business from a trusted friend or relative to get someone to buy from you. And it’s EASY to do this - just ask your current clients if they would refer you. You could give your clients a $10 Starbucks card for every paid referral for a period of time – every referral pays you, and the repeat business that you earn is icing on the cake!

  2. An A-Frame Sign might cost $100-$200 but the benefits can last for years, and if your a-frame is on the street every day, people that travel on your road will get exposed to your business 12 times very quickly! First though, check with your local government (city, county, or township for example) first to see if you can put out an a-frame sign, what size it can be, and where it can and can't be located.

    A-Frame signs are relatively inexpensive, and they can bring in a LOT of new clients! TIP: get one that has changeable letters so you can change it yourself. Also, make sure the letters are big enough to be read when vehicles are going past your business at the speed limit!

  3. A Banner can cost under $100 and if you can't do an a-frame you may be able to put up a banner. You'll need to check with your local government for these as well to see if they're legal, how big they can be, and where you can and can't put one. These are perfect for foot traffic but can also be read on the street if you can locate them in a place where local vehicle traffic can read it. Banners are temporary and will usually last just a few months while exposed to outdoor weather. But banners are a proven advertising method and they’re inexpensive enough to warrant using them.

  4. IMPORTANT TIP: be sure to spell out benefits to using your service (or sales) on banners and a-frames – you only have 2 or 3 words to get their attention so be sure to make the best use of those words at the top of the sign!

Social Media Posting Tips

I am not saying to stop posting on social media - it's VERY important that you keep your presence there! Just try not to get caught up spending hours and hours of time when you 'could' be more efficient with your time.

Spending 3 hours on Sunday evenings making and scheduling your posts for the week is a great use of time. This then frees you up for the rest of the week to take care of business.

Tools to Help with Social Media Posting

To help you with your social media and other types of postings, I wanted to share a few tools with you that I've used over the years. These have been super helpful to me in creating artwork for my social media posts and other art needs in a hurry:

* Canva - is a freemium tool (there's a free version but also subscriptions and upsells) that can be used to create images and videos. It's very amazing and should definitely be in your arsenal!

* Place-it - is also a freemium tool - it lets you design quick logos, videos, social media templates, and lots of other cool stuff, but its biggest selling point for me was the mockups. It's $29 a month and well worth it so check it out today.

* Hero Post - is currently running a special for $197 for life – you can schedule all of your social media posts all at one time in one platform (they don’t do TikTok right now but all other important platforms are there) – this saves TONS of time not having to schedule every platform individually.

Let us know if you have a favorite tool you like to use! Email us at!!

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